SwingLifestyle Review

Are you looking for a great swinger site that helps you connect with other like-minded swingers? 

SwingLifestyle is one of the most established swingers apps in the world. It’s been around for twenty years, and it’s explicitly aimed at couples who want to have sex with other couples. You can use the app to find pretty much anything and everything involving 1+ people, including threesomes, orgies, and sex parties. 

However, SwingLifestyle isn’t just another swingers app. It’s also an online networking site designed to help you make new friends who can introduce you to the wild and wonderful alternative lifestyle enjoyed by swingers.

But how useful is the app? Is it worth your time and money? What kind of features does it have that help it stand out? 

To find out, my partner and I decided to create an account. In our SwingLifestyle review, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about the site, including its price, its features – and what we really think about it. 

Ready? Let’s make a start. 

Our SwingLifestyle Review

What We Like about SwingLifeStyle

  • Very easy to use the app
  • Plenty of users
  • Detailed profiles 
  • Value for money 

What We Dislike about SwingLifeStyle

  • Dated design 
  • Free members are limited with what they can do 

Swing Lifestyle Member Structure

Swing Lifestyle Member Structure

SwingLifestyle is easily one of the most popular swingers apps in the world. Currently, it’s used by over 16,000,000 people worldwide, including 250,000 from America alone. 

The app also claims to receive at least 5,000,000 visits each month and 40,000 each week. Moreover, most users are engaged users, which means they’re super active, sending messages and meeting up. There are also around 7,000 new users on average each week. We think that’s pretty good for a swinger app. 

In terms of its gender structure, most users are typically single males looking to meet couples. However, a good percentage of users are couples, with SwingLifestyle’s data suggesting that around 30% of users are female. This leads us to believe that around the same percentage of users are couples. 

Age-wise, the app is predominantly popular with the over 30s, with very few users aged under 25. That said, you will still find males as young as 18 using the site, while in our research, the app isn’t too popular with the over 40s. 

Signing Up On Swing Lifestyle 

Signing Up On Swing Lifestyle

One of the best things about the app is that the signup process is essentially a breeze. You don’t even need to upload a profile picture, and it seems that the only mandatory thing is the minimum age – you must be at least 18 years old. 

Other than that, SwingLifestyle makes it easy to sign up as both a single person or a couple. All you need to come up with is a username before the app verifies your email address. You can add some basic info about yourselves, but again this isn’t mandatory. You certainly don’t need to spend lots of time creating a bio. 

The only slight disappointment is that you can’t register via Facebook. It’s also worth mentioning that, while some users might prefer it that SwingLifestyle doesn’t force you to upload a profile picture, others might find that a tad frustrating. This is because you will later find lots of anonymous profiles once you get using the site. 

Making Contact on Swing LifeStyle

Making Contact on Swing LifeStyle

Like a lot of dating apps, making contact on SwingLifestyle is restricted to paying members. As a free member, you can’t have a conversation. You can receive messages, but you can’t reply to them.

For instance, when we first signed up, we quickly received a few messages. But while we could open them, we found that we could only reply (and so get a conversation started) if we upgraded our account.

Swing LifeStyle search feature

There are two things that struck us here. First, allowing you to read a message but not reply unless you upgrade is a straightforward up-selling tactic on SwingLifestyle’s part because part of you wonders if the person who messaged you is even serious. Two, if you read a message but don’t reply, it tells the other person you’re probably a free user. And this could cause them to lose interest quickly. 

Other than that, establishing contact once you’ve upgraded your account is easy. You just need to search for other users, click on their profile – and shoot them a message. There are also lots of chat rooms on this site where you can meet even more swingers. 

Swing Lifestyle Profile Quality 

One of things that really struck us on SwingLifestyle was how detailed the profiles are. While uploading a photograph isn’t mandatory, you’ll typically find that most members add at least one pic, alongside a detailed bio that states who they are and what they’re looking for. 

swinglifestyle profile couple

This is good for two reasons. One, detailed profiles help you make better choices about how to contact. And two, it’s very easy to spot fake profiles, because fakes tend not to add much of anything to their profiles. 

Swing Lifestyle Profile example

What’s also interesting about the site is that SwingLifestyle allow premium members the option of hiding their profiles from free members. And while nudity is permitted, free members can’t access the nude pics. 

Swing Lifestyle Real Life Review

SLS is like any other site that supports this lifestyle, As long as you know how to navigate through the fakes and picture collectors. If you have time and patience, I promise the one’s you do actually meet are great, this site has everything from beginners to the most experienced who are willing to help you navigate the pitfalls. – Anonymous swinger couple.

Design and Usability 

We’re not huge fans of the rather basic/dated layout of the site, and some users might find the colours a tad bland. It certainly doesn’t have the feel of a dating site. 

That said, this is still a well-designed site and everything is exactly where you expect it to be. Navigation is easy and site speed is good. We have little complaints on this front. 

SwingLifestyle App 

SwingLifestyle App

A lot of modern dating apps, SwingLifestyle has its app. This can be downloaded and installed from the App Store. 

Is the app worth your time? 

The SwingLifestyle app offers everything that’s great about the web-based version of the site. You get access to all the same features, with the only significant difference being that the app is responsively designed and looks slightly different.

That’s no issue, though. My partner and I found the app easy to use and navigate, with all our notifications in one place whenever someone sent us a message. It’s also effortless to scroll through other profiles and send messages. 

However, one issue we came across is that the app seemingly requires new updates reasonably often. This could be a bit of a pain for some users. 

Swing Lifestyle Costs and Prices 

You can use SwingLifestyle for free, but you’re limited with what you can do until you upgrade your account. 

Here’s what you can do as a free member:

  • Search profiles 
  • View profiles 
  • Use the chat rooms and forums 
  • Block people 

And here’s what you can do as a paid member:

  • View photos 
  • Send messages 
  • Approve new members 
  • Use the special features, including Swinger Clubs

Here’s a full rundown of what you get for each membership type:

comparing swinglifestyle subscriptions

Swing Lifestyle Membership Prices

Subscription DurationPriceFinal Price
1 Months$14.95$14.95
3 Months$9.98/month$29.95
6 Months$8.33/month$49.95
12 Months$5.83/month$69.95

Is SwingLifestyle Expensive? 

To answer this question, we thought it best to compare the app with its two biggest rivals: 

  • Kasidie 
  • SwingersDateClub

As we’ve seen above, SwingLifestyle costs just under $15 for one month’s membership. Kasidie, on the other hand, costs $19.95 for one month. SwingersDateClub, meanwhile, will set you back $19 for one month’s worth of usage. 

As we can see then, SwingLifestyle is the cheapest of the top-rated swingers apps at the moment. Moreover, SwingersDateClub costs $7 per month for 12 months worth of membership, which we think is a little expensive. SwingLifestyle costs $5.83 per month for 12 months of membership, while Kasidie charges less than $1 per month for a year’s subscription.

Overall, then, SwingLifestyle is very reasonably priced for a premium swingers app. However, we’d also point out that, while SwingersDateClub is on the pricier side of things, it actually offers more unique features than SwingLifestyle

The best way to get more value out of SwingLifestyle is to test the waters with a month’s membership before upgrading to life membership at $149.95 if you think it’s the right app for you. 

Special Features 

Like all dating apps, SwingLifestyle has several special features that are only available to paying members.

However, special features are actually rather limited on this app. In fact, there are just 3: 

Swinger Clubs

This feature gives you an overview of all the swinger clubs in America. To find the best ones near you, simply click on your state, and a list of all the active clubs in your area will show up. 

The feature relies on user-generated content. So if you run a swinger club, for example, SwingLifestyle encourages you to upload it so that others can find it and visit. 


travel feature

SwingLifestyle classes itself as a lifestyle travel app, and it’s used its extensive experience in this sector to create its own travel agency known as the Topless Travel agency. 

It’s a pretty cool feature that gives you the chance to book swinger vacations such as swinger cruises and safari adventures through the app. We must say that we haven’t seen a feature like this on any other app, and it should appeal to swingers looking to venture further than their local area. 

Hot Date

hot date feature

The Hot Date feature lets you create an ad that lets people know when you’re free for a date. Essentially, it’s a way of finding dates and swinger opportunities without spending all your time constantly searching through profiles and messaging different users. 

All anyone needs to do is read your ad and make you an offer. 

What Are The Better Options? 

To help you make a better, more rounded choice, we thought it would be a good idea to compare SwingLifestyle in a bit more depth with its closest rivals, SwingersDateClub and Kasidie: 

SDC (Swingers Date Club)

Swingers Date Club is, as we’ve seen, priced higher than SwingLifestyle. It’s actually been around slightly longer (it was established in 1999) and currently boasts over 3,000,000 members worldwide. Most of its users are swingers looking for other swingers, but the app is essentially much more than just a dating app – it wants to invite you to the world of swinging. 

The registration process takes a bit longer than it does at SwingLifestyle, and you will need to upload at least one pic. Once your account is live, you can use the app for free for 7 days, but you can’t send or receive messages until you upgrade your account.

We really like the profile quality on SwingersDateClub. Users can register as singles, couples, or even for “business reasons” (let’s say you own your own swingers club) and the search filters are super advanced. The app tells you who’s online right now, which prevents you from messaging old profiles. We think this is a great feature. 

Ultimately, there’s not a lot to choose from between the two apps. They both have a similar-sized user base and cater to the same demographic, but SwingLifestyle is more affordable. Plus, SwingersDateClub seems more restrictive – for example, you can only message users if their profile settings allow you to. 

For more info: SDC (Swingers Date Club) review


Kasidie aims to be much more than just another run-of-the-mill dating app. It’s also home to a full-on community of erotically-minded adults who want to explore their hottest sexual fantasies. 

To that end, Kasidie helps you find singles and couples to pair off with and have sex with, and it also lists various swinger parties and gatherings in your local area. 

The signup process is much lengthier than it is at SwingLifestyle, and includes a highly detailed questionnaire. You’re also required to upload at least one picture. Making contact with other users is easy, but such a privilege is only available to paid members, while search filters are available. There’s also a forum, a chatroom, and several special features, such as parties and events. 

However, Kasidie can’t boast the same kind of numbers as neither SwingLifestyle nor SwingersDateClub when it comes to its user base and is currently used by less than a million people around the world. 

For more info: Kasidie review

Editor’s Review 

After a few weeks of use, we really enjoyed SwingLifestyle. It’s easy to sign up to, it’s easy to use, and most members seem open to chatting, engaging, and even meeting up. It may take some time to find what you’re looking for, but this reasonably priced swinger’s app can open your world up to more like-minded people, and we especially found the Travel feature useful. 


To find out, my partner and I decided to create an account. In our SwingLifestyle review, we’ll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about the site, including its price, its features - and what we really think about it. 

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