best swinger resorts

15 Best Swinger Resorts That You’ll Love

Do you and your partner want to have the sexiest vacation EVER?  Vacations are meant to be a little bit sexy anyway, but swinger vacations are the ultimate when it comes to hotness. And the good news is that planning your next

how to set your personal swinging rules

How To Set Your Personal Swinging Rules

With swinging comes great responsibility. If you and your partner don’t come up with a series of rules to protect yourselves, swinging can become dangerous – and you may split up. That’s not me being dramatic. It happens. Swinging can

how to find female swingers

How To Find a Unicorn Woman For Swinging

Looking for a single female swinger?  Female swingers are called Unicorns for the simple reason that they’re pretty damn rare at swinger parties. Thus, they’re pretty hard to find.  When my partner and I first started swinging, we soon realised

15 Common Reasons Why Couple Swings

Ever wondered why people become swingers? It’s an interesting topic. Many people who aren’t into swinging assume that swingers are sex-crazed people who love to get naked, beaten and whipped. I’m not saying any of that isn’t true (lol!), but it’s certainly not